Our diving teams assists you with your challenges under the surface

Samba Marin has identified the needs for a total suppliers in industries like aquaculture, and have therefore developed our service portofolio to include diving services. Our professional divers can conduct inspections and other related missions underwater. We make high demands regards to safety for all involved, and our divers are very competent and experienced at this aspect of the job.

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Two teams of divers with much experience


Short response time


Diving for aquaculture


Our experienced diving leader are the leader of 15 divers separated in two teams. Two teams makes us flexible in the sende of conduct different missions at the same time. Thus, the response time is shorter when the needs for our services occurs from our clients. We are ready to perform both small and larger operations, both as single missions or as part of larger projects. Our fleet contains vessels with cabins and diving containers, which makes us very effective when we are on the spot.


To maintain maintenance underwater at fish farms is a very important part of our divers job. It’s also highly valuable to use divers to locate any damages to the cages and nets. These inspections can also be done by the help of ROV. 

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In addition to our divers, we also have several ROV’s in our portofolio. With an ROV can also be seen as a remotley controlled underwater-robot, equipped with HD-camera. Occasionally, this can be a good alternative to or in combination with our diving service, especially when it comes to inspection of area under the surface which is difficult for divers to reach. Read more about ROV here.