MS Molly

  • Well suited for mooring and delousing missions
  • 100 ton winch and two cranes
  • 25,5 m x 9,6m
  • Five ton load capacity

This vessel mainly operates as an AHTS in the aquaculture industry. The vessel is especially well suited for handling anchor and mooring towards linkplates and frames, and has a  five ton load capacity. In regards to the vessels low deck in the back, its easy to handle equipment over the stern. At the same time its not necessary to take into account the winch walk on the bow, which calls for a high utilization av the vessels deck area.


Deck equipment

Dimensions: 25,5m x 9,6m

Crane bront: Heila 140 TM (ny 2013)

Crane back: Heila 70 TM

Anchorhandling winch: 100t

Help winch: 5t

2 capstans: 2t

Tow hook: 25t


Main engine: Two Cummins KTA19 á 500hp

Genset hydraulic/power: Cummins N855

Genset power: Hatz 41

Diesel Bunkring: 100m3 / 25 m3 an hour

Water Bunkring: 50 m3 m/ 25m3 an hour

Bow propeller: 250 hp (new i 2013)

MS Fox Fighter

MS Fox Fighter is equipped with a dobbel Thermolicer for the purpose of delousing salmon and trout. This machine is delivered by the Norwegian company Steinsvik, and its capacity varies from the size of the fish. The vessel itself is multicat, and is 27,27 meters long and 12,45 meter wide.



Dimensions: 27m x 12,45m

Speed: 10,5 knop


Main engine: 2x Cat C32 TTA ACERT

Motor size: 1790 bkW at 1800 rpm

Bowthruster: Kalkman Beta 250H, 200pk / 184 kW Hydraulic driven

Anchor winch: 1x Hydraulically driven, Kraaijeveld

Cranes: 2x Heila HLRM 230-4SLK9.8T @ 16,5 mwith 5 tons winch incl. load limiting device

MS Fox Challenger

MS Fox Challenger is a robust mooring- and towvessel with 45 ton TBP. The vessel is well suited for mooring of fishfarms and achorhandling, with anchors up to 20 ton. Fox Challenger has a crane capacity of 9 ton in 16 meters range. The main winch is is at 100 tons with a capacity to 1600 meter. Rope with 64 mm, in addition to a help winch at 10 ton. The vessel has a deck capacity of 110 m2.

The vessels is well suited for the following areas:

Mooring of fish farms
Anchor handling
Tow and assistance missions
Barge handling
Transport of construction and equipment



Dimensions: 29,8m x 9,5m

Speed: 12,4 knop


Generatorsets: 1x Mitsubishi 400 kVa, 2x John Deere 65 kVa

Generator power: 530 kVa

Bowthruster: 250 hp

Tow winch: 1 stk 100 tonns slepevinsj og 1 stk 10 tonns tugger vinsj

Cranes: Kranekapasitet på 9 tonn og 16 meter rekkevidde

MS Samba

MS Samba has a deck capacity of 230 m2, and a load capacity of 110 ton. This was our first service vessel, which represent the start of our adventure. MS Samba is typified by its large laod capacity and a robust crane with 22 ton lift capacity.

The vessel is suited for: 

  • Transport of Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) related to delousing
  • Transport of fish
  • Underwater inspection with ROV
  • Transport of rolling cargo (trucks, big machines etc)
  • Dock- and quay-building
  • Base for diving operations


Deck equipment

Tugger winch: 12 tonn

Crane: Fassi 140 tm

Drive limb: 6m x 5m steel drive limb


Main engine: Caterpillar 3412, 600hk

Gen. 1: Volvo Penta D9, 380 kW

Gen. 2: Volvo Penta TD 122, 200kW

Side propeller front: 130 hk

Side propeller back: 150 hk

MS Fox Tørres

MS Fox Tørres is a vessel which is mainly used in service missions for aquaculture.



Main engine: Volvo d16, 600hk

Finnøy gear G27 med 3 stk PTO withdrawal, 1500mm 3 blade propell

Tow winch: 2 stk 40 tonns slepevinsj

MBH PTO hydraulic pumps, one only towards deckcrane, the other two for the rest. With possibility for swich if problems with a pump.

MBH thrusters, 2 stk 120hk


Fassi 95 t/m. 20,5m length, marinepainting, 3t winch, floodlights, HBC joystick remotecontroll.

MBH 60t winch, 1800mm wide trommel

Bowthruster250 hp

MBH 3t capstans, 3 stk

Attachment islands 4x on the deck

MS Fox Chaser

Used in ROV-related missions. Top speed for this vessel is almost 60 knots.


Type: Norsafe

Model: Munin S1200

Year: 2016

Purpose areas:
Search and rescue
People transport

Engine: 2 x 400 hk Mercury Racing

Gear / drivlinje: Mercury Racing

Passengers: 6 pax in Ullman Daytona

Cruising speed /max: 45/57 knots

Generator: 11,5 kW Vetus

MS Fox Hunter

Brand new MS Fox Hunter is a service vessel which is mainly used related to ROV-missions. It equipped with ROV Argus Remote System, and has a cruising speed of 45 knots. Top speed is 57 knots. This causes us to quick responses when the need from our customers emerges.


Type: Norsafe

Model: Munin S1200

Year: 2014

Purpose areas:
Search and rescue
People transport

Engine: Iveco FPT 560hk x2

Gear / driveline: ZF / Arneson overflatedrev

Passengers: 6 stk i Ullman Daytona

Cruising spees/max: 45/57 knots

MS Fox Thunder

Similar to MS Fox Hunter, MS Fox Thunder also is a vessels which is used in ROV-related missions.

MS Fox Patrol

More information will come.