We make it easier to discover and inspect under the surface!

An ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) can be seen as a remotely controlled mini-submarine equipped with a camera. Our ROV’s have several different work purposes, which you can get a glimpse of down below. Are main focus while operating with an ROV, is to deliver as accurate and precise information to our clients as possible, in regards to what’s happening under the surface.


Quick response time


You'll get access to HD-recordings


Drilling down to 500m

All our ROV’s is equipped with high quality cameras, which makes the documentation of the mission as good as possible. All our missions will be recorded and saved in a database, which our clients later get the access to. You can use the database to follow the process minute by minute in the projects’ aftermath. With our modern machines we strive to amplify safety and the marine environment.


Areas of work for an ROV is many. Under you can see some examples of what it can be used for.
  • Drilling and bore
  • Assembly of bolts etc.
  • Inspection, examination and surveys of seafloor
  • Inspection of fish farms
  • Can be used in connection to raising ships or other objects


We have seven operating ROV’s in our portofolio. Below you can find information about some of them.

Fox Driller

Fox Driller  is developed by Samba Marine, and is an ROV constructed with the purpose of drilling down to 500 meter. Also bores holes and assemblies bolt.

Argus Rover 75

Argus Rover 75 is a mobile ROV with wide area of utilization, stationed in a 20 feet container. It can be used on all of our vessels, alternatively transported by truck. This makes us flexible, thus we can easily adapt to different kind of missions. Argus Rover is equipped with sonar, manipulator w/ rotor and positional tracking-system. Its 1500 meter long with cabel.

Argus Mini

This ROV is mounted on respectively Fox Chaser and Fox Hunter. These service vessels has a top speed of 60 knots, which makes for us to mobilize fast when needs arise. Argus Mini is equipped with positional tracking-system, manipulator and a 750 meter cable.

Blue Eye Pioner

Deep Tracker